In 1895 Georges Augé exploits vines, as well as agricultural land which subsequently became lands in appellation Champagne located above Courmas.

In 1955 Georges Augé dies, his 3 children take up the torch together, Maurice Augé becomes the manager still in the company of his 2 brothers, Gabriel and Gilbert.

In 1968 the 3 brothers split up and each took back his vineyard plots.

In 1991 Gabriel Augé leaves us, his farm is divided between his two daughters, whose a first nama Claudine Augé wife of Vrain Gérard-Philippe is at the origin of the name VRAIN-AUGE.

In 1993 Maurice Augé disappeared too, not having a child he bequeathed his farm to Claudine Augé.

In 1995 Claudine Augé died, her husband took over the farm.

In 2000 Gérard-Philippe Vrain develops the exploitation by creating a pressing center new working methods, and gives birth to a Champagne, the "Champagne VRAIN-AUGE".

In 2008 Gérard-Philippe Vrain takes a well deserved retirement, his Cédric takes over.