The Harvest

A great wine can only be born of large grapes cultivated with care. This is why, in Champagne, the harvest is manual, the harvesting machine is not allowed.

The grapes are pressurized, immediately, in our pressing center.


img-0240.jpgAll the art of presurage champenois, an exclusive method of extraction that is the subject of a regulation unique in the world, is to respect the grapes, to pressurize them slowly and progressively, then to divide the must into cuvée and size.

Our pressing centre is subject to a quality approval.

Its realization is complex. It is in fact a true performance, which involves a whole series of techniques imagined and validated by the Champenois over the centuries and which can be summed up in five main principles scrupulously respected:


Pressing just after harvest







The pressing of whole clusters

Low extraction efficiency

The fractionation of the juices at the outlet of the press


A smooth and progressive pressuring line